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About My Business Daniel Milnor is currently “Photographer at Large” for Blurb, Inc. the world’s premiere print-on-demand publisher. He splits his time between the smog-choked arteries of Southern California and the spiritual landscape of New Mexico. His work has taken him from the rural corners of the United States to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. An early adopter of select technologies such as print-on-demand books and magazines, Milnor has created and published over one hundred unique titles, including the recently released “Manifesto Magazine,” which showcases the world’s best documentary photography. His work is in the collections of The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The George Eastman House and The Santa Barbara Museum of Art.
Areas of Expertise Long-term documentary projects, writing, photography, storytelling, education, public speaking, bookmaking, the inner workings of how to best utilize the Blurb platform, creative thinking, long distance driving, long distance cycling, journaling, attempting to see the world in a new way everyday, reading, compiling useless information that only he finds interesting,
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