Luck, WI, USA

Miskobineshii was raised by her grandmother on a reservation where she learned the traditional ceremonies, values and customs, and spoke only Ojibwe until it was time to attend a one-room schoolhouse - Head Start School.

She published her life story, Miskobineshii: A Memoir of Susan Eileen Bearheart Fowler Skinaway, describing her experiences growing up in The Lost Tribe. She broke oral tradition so that her grandchildren would have a written record of her life. She also authored the children's story, Head Start School to preserve her native Ojibwe language.

Miskobineshii lives in Wisconsin and continues to teach at three language-immersion summer camps. When she is not working for the St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, WI, she is making drums for ceremonies or sewing jingle dresses for powwows.

Books by Miskobineshii