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Mo ben Yakov (pseudonym)
Blurbarian Since December 2008
Name Mo ben Yakov (pseudonym)
Gender Male
My Occupation Analist
My Bio Changing an invective to a nickname.
As a teenager the author was often referred 2 as "the nose".
High sensitivity comes with about 20% of all humans.
Another effect of the Pareto Principle, which is not allway that pleasant.

Consider this: imagine you would sense with your eyes, nose, palate and ears about 3 times more than you do now.

Your brain might be trained to filter excess , but on the other hand this can be very wearisome. Especially when by male genes you have a tendency for lineair thinking (one thing at a time) , contrary to the more female "spherical way of thinking". Now perhaps you get an idea of the amount of noise someone can get.

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