Mohary Irizarry


My husband and I enjoy writing with the light (photography) in combination with the written text. We believe that we all receive messages through the words we see and the images we observe. Why not make the perfect comination of both in order to better express our thoughts on any given topic.

We enjoy assisting those who want to either convey a specific message or create a visual representation of their own personal goals,dreams, and accomplishments.

What better way to stay motivated on our different paths towards that dream job, losing that weight, opening that business, or boosting our confidence than to see visual representations of that expected success.

We will continue on our journey towards perfecting our photography, creative writing and desktop publishing in order to better assist those ready to "C" it on paper just like they imagine it in their creative minds.

Thanks to Priscila Mercedes for trusting us with her ideas. It's such a privilege!

Books by Mohary Irizarry