Monique Barr

Florida, USA

- I go by Monique. There's a handful that know my full name. Close friends or friends in general call me Momo which means peach in japanese. I love peaches to death and its been a nick name since 8th grade. ^.-

- My birthday is June 15, 1988...and I have a twin but we're not identical.

- I beleive in a higher being looking over us. But I'm not christian.

- Music is my life. I listen to whatever makes me want to sing to it. But I like to stay in my comfort zone which is rock/dance/pop. It's the greatest inspiration next to the important people in my life.

- I used to live in Montvile, Conn. A small town which is actually growing to be pretty big over the years since I moved. I really miss the "country" .