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Damien Stillings
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Name Damien Stillings
Location Venice, Fl
Gender Male
My Bio Damien Stillings is a big kid at heart. In his spare time Damien likes to write and sing songs that usually involve silly rhymes. He and his son Phoenix always tell each other "alligator stories" before bed. One day they came up with a short song about an alligator that brushes his teeth. Damien met the illustrator Skip Andelin when he took his chopper bike to Skip's shop. When Damien saw all of the amazing art Skip created hanging on the walls of Skip's shop, he said "wanna make kids book?", and soon Mr. Chomp the Toothless Crocodile was created. You can also check out Skip and his wife Mika's book "Where's the Bear?" which can be found here on Blurb.

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