Nando Leira

Chicago, IL, USA

Graphiconstruk is a project I have been developing since 2004. The main purpose is to create new artworks by reordering graphic elements and using different techniques from previously created pieces. A way of self graphic anthropophagy.

The project started as an animated-film back in 1997, when I still lived in Brazil, and was graduating from college with a BA in Fine Arts. At the time, I was working in an animation studio, doing short movies using mixed techniques. I was also studying sculpture and lithography.

In 2001, I moved to England for a year, where I exhibited my acrylic paintings. Being far from home and in a different culture inspired me to draw obsessively. In a few months I filled two large sketch books with hundreds of drawings and scribbles, which now I have been using as one of the main sources for the Graphiconstruk project.

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