Francois Alexandre Dumas

Europe, Netherlands and France

Francois Alexandre Dumas was born in The Netherlands and started traveling in the back of his parent's car at the age of three! He never stopped.

'At home' in many countries around the world and having traveled Europe and the US extensively, both for pleasure and for business, he has a massive travel experience and knowledge about many countries and many things, plus a huge collection of photographs to back it up.

Now being self-employed and owner of Silver Cloud Publishing, one of the things Francois likes best is to SHOW you all these wonderful places in the world.

Apart from reading his travel stories and looking at his pictures, you can actually also HIRE him for private tours.
His company EuropeRides is specialized in providing motorcycle tours with a private guide for groups of up to 4 people.

A great way to see Europe!

Francois personal blog is here:

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