Martin Hall

Chatham, Kent, England

The fascination with photography grabbed me when I was 17, on a holiday on the Greek island of Aegina. I was using a Ricoh compact 35mm camera, which due to youthful excitement ended up at the bottom of the hotel pool!
My next trip was with an old Pentax that my father had leant me - the results were awful, but the bug had bitten me.
That was 24years ago and much has changed with the technology employed in creating an image. However my belief remains that the final print should represent the experience of being present at the time the shutter was released.
With an affection for shoreline views and monotone imagery I enjoy exploring coasts for inspirational shots.
I love early morning jaunts to the sea, which is just as well as the rest of my daylight hours are split between bringing up a couple of kids, marriage to my very understanding wife and work as a consulting engineer. It’s a challenge and some days become a bit manic – but it’s fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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