Lance Meyer Photography

San Antonio, Texas

Lance Meyer Photography, aka: ImageXS, is a work of love. As with many businesses, it started off as a hobby and progessed from there. I was fortunate enough to work with many other professional photographers as a backup, and worked some freelance for other companies, which prepared me for larger events. From there; I was asked to do family and friends portraits, Christmas Photos, senior pictures, and then progressed to Weddings, Conventions, and Corporate photos. I figure that I will continue doing this until it is not fun anymore; because, if you lose your passion then why continue doing it?

Areas of Expertise

Portraits, Christmas Photos, Senior Pictures, Bridals, Couples, Family, Weddings, Conventions, Architectural, and Corporate photos. Just recently started offering books, Blurb for one, and multimedia presentations.

Professional Affiliations

Greater San Antonio Camera Club (Digital, Training, & Activities Director), Gulf States Camera Clubs

Books by Lance Meyer Photography