About the Author

Christopher Marion Thomas
Blurbarian Since March 2008
Name Christopher Marion Thomas
My Web Site http://www.studiocmt.com
Location Houston, Texas, USA
Gender Male
My Occupation Painter / Illustrator
My Bio My work aspires to fuse beauty and substance into a union that is purposeful, contemplative and designed to teach, encourage and provoke. Technically my art is a multilayered, mixed media combination of painting, symbolism, and text; while conceptually being visual parables, revealing deeper meanings to those who can discern them. For me, truly great art is both technically and conceptually engaging; all technique without solid concepts lead to empty “pretty pictures”, while all conceptual consideration without approachable technique, leads to utter confusion. My art seeks to unify the two and to speak to the hearts of everyday people. Ultimately I am here to elevate Christian art from a state of mere sentimentality into an expression of transformative visual praise. Both sound technique, and engaging concepts are inseparably fused in my work. Both assist me in expressing ideas that have the power to engage culture, that is why my work continually seeks to marry the two.

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