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Martinez, California

I started Snicky Books because I wanted to help parents at bedtime. I wrote "The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep" after seeing how tired my niece was. Her young son would awaken in the middle of the night and would not go back to sleep. On the other hand, my rescue dog seemed to be sleeping all the time, so I started taking pictures of him and the Snicky series was born!

I am a parent and have worked as a French teacher and nanny, so I am very aware how important a good night's sleep is for both parents and children. "The Snicky Guide To Falling Asleep" and "Snicky Goes To Slumberland" send a gentle message that falling asleep is fun. Snicky is only eight pounds but he is trying his best to be a good sleep role model!

Areas of Expertise

B.A. and Master's degree in French Language and Literature. 12+ years working as a French teacher and French speaking nanny.

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