Sally Crook


My name is Sally Crook, I am twenty-five years old, and have been freelance writing and drawing since I can remember. Although I do commissioned works for drawings, I write for pleasure and leisure. This is my first self-published book and like all my new projects, I am so very excited about it, and so very proud about what I have accomplished.
I come from a family of seven, and being the second-oldest has taught me a lot about presentation, first impressions, and always ending on a good note. For those of you who want to know me as a writer, you will become acquainted with somebody who lives in the box, but is always thinking outside of it. I am not afraid of expression, or "random" trains of thoughts. I am what people don't want to write about, and that's the pointless, beautiful, deep, strange sides of life. I am beginning with a coffee-table photo album called, "I Wish I Were A Garden Pixie", and ending one day with something refined, and worthy of your time.
Peace be with you.

Books by Sally Crook