Rogelio Pereda

Mexico City

Rogelio Pereda is a native of Mexico City. He lives and works in that modern megalopolis with yearning and passion for unknown territories. His photographic work explores notions of identity, gender, and diversity. His ongoing series “Beyond Gender” investigates and confronts some of the cultural and social stereotypes underlying gender, opting to focus on the beauty, sensitivity, and vulnerabilities in the transgender community of Mexico City. Pereda is a scientist who works in medicinal plant chemistry and pharmacy at the National University of Mexico and has been an avid photographer for more than three decades. He has attended master classes at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City, International Center of Photography in New York, and Maine Media Workshops. His photo essays Diversity Decontextualized and The Way We Were recently were published in JPG Magazine. In 2011, Rogelio was awarded 2nd Prize in the category Gender at Pride Photo Award (Amsterdam).

Books by Rogelio Pereda