Donna Pierce Clark


Transparency and movement dominate both my landscapes and my still life works. Just as I love the movement of rolling hills or ocean waves, swaying tree limbs, and grasses in nature; I am mesmerized by soft folds in fabric, as they roll beneath and around chosen objects. When painting En Plein Air, Alla Prima, either in watercolors or in oils, my spiritual senses are awakened as I study shapes, colors, and changing light. My preferred subjects, above all, are dynamic oceanic scenes. The sparkling, transparent waters of my landscapes are mirrored by reflections of cut glass and other objects in my still life paintings.
A member of Dailypaintworks.com, Donna paints daily small works, updates her website, and sends out a weekly blog and Newsletter. As well as painting professionally, and teaching private students; she also teaches classes in watercolors and oils, at the Troy Hayner Cultural Center, in Troy, Ohio.

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