Jimmy Pollock

Los Angeles, CA USA

Born and raised in Northern California, I had a love for photography but didn't start shooting until 4 years ago. I kind of worked at it backwards starting off with digital then moving into film. I found and affinity for shooting nude and erotic portraits, form studies and "in the moment" images featuring women of many ethnicities, presented in black and white. By showcasing the models in black & white, it is my hope that the models will be viewed not by their race and color of their skin but by their diverse beauty. I shoot with film, using older cameras, Polaroids and lo-fi plastic cameras, as well as digitally, and develop film and print my images using classic and alternative techniques.
I'm a great admirer of the work of Keith Carter, Edward Weston and Robert Farber. My goal is to be thought of as a mutated, lo-fi version of Helmut Newton!

I live in Los Angeles with my two dogs, 'Retha and Shorty

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