Johnny Bivera

Washington, DC

Johnny Bivera is a freelance photojournalist with over 20 years experience in visual communication and has captured images worldwide from everyday life to the hostilities of war and was an official videographer to the President of the United States Bill Clinton and photographer to the Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Vern Clark and Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen. He's covered combat and humanitarian missions, to maritime operations during the Bosnia/Herzegovina conflict, the Israeli-Jordan Peace Treaty, Turkey's tragic earthquake and operational missions into Afghanistan after 911.

His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and documentaries and has been profiled on PBS's Jim Lehrer NewsHour, C-SPAN's American Journal and NFL Films 'American Postcards'. His imagery has been published in numerous books and has worked on projects for publishers Harper Collins and the National Geographic Society.

Books by Johnny Bivera