Victoria Hobbs

United Kingdom

Having always had a strong passion to pursue art from a young age, Victoria, enrolled at college to study general art and design where she found her love of illustration. After much persuading from her tutor she then went on to study an Illustration degree at Swansea Metropolitan University. Never really having her own brand of style and floating between mediums, Victoria finally found her footing within digital illustration from inspiration and guidance from her partner. Victoria Hobbs draws on inspiration from her childhood and popular culture to form her bold and graphic approach to illustration. Flooding her illustrations with vivid colour and unusual use of textures and patterns, Victoria draws on the minimal aspects of her artwork and focuses strongly on shape and design. Currently Victoria Hobbs is a Freelance Illustrator who resides in Swansea, UK with her partner and fellow Illustrator/Concept Artist, Will Gidman.

Books by Victoria Hobbs