Dick Fleming

Tucson, Arizona

After retrirement in 1999, and acquisition of a digital camera, the Canon Rebel XT, I decided to use my photography, computer and Adobe Photoshop Elements photo-editing capabilties to self-publish books about themes of great interest to me.

My first book, The Four Corners: Arizona-Utah-Colorado-New Mexico captured the travels of my wife Barbara and two close friends, Bruce and Carole Hyldahl, for the Hyldahl's 50th wedding anniversary, through one of the most interesting areas of the U.S.

My second book, Tucson Historic Districts: A Photographic Tour, introduces readers to two exciting sections of Old Tucson, with architecture and personality profiles of inhabitants of homes dating generally from 1840 through 1912. This was an important transition period for Tucson from Spanish, through Mexican to Anglo-American.

Living in the southwest, after a lifetime in the midwest and east coast, provides the backdrop for my next venture into self publishing, The Mystery of the Anasazi.

Books by Dick Fleming