Reiko F. Nojima


Reiko F. Nojima is a visual artist who focuses on depicting the elements of the human psyche and its connection to the human body and to nature in glass, metal, and digital data.

Artist statement
In my recent works, I engrave glass with diamond burs and diamond wheels, which leaves indelible traces just like tattooing. When I fail to carve, it is either the end of the work or the time to make the design better employing the mark of failure.

I portray the nature in humans and humans as a part of nature within my works. The human race moves forward with their life in a continuous stream of time in which they can never turn back. Hence the irreversible nature of my engraving symbolizes human nature and human life. The feeling of the carving into the hardness of the glass and the sensation brought about by breaking the pristine glass surface fascinates me and adds to the works.

Books by Reiko F. Nojima