Reiton Publishing

Winthrop, MA

Reiton Publishing was started in 2017 by Rachael Reiton as a means to publish her own work.

Her first book, Marley Eats His Vegetables, was written as a gift for her nephew. After receiving energetic, positive feedback from friends and family alike, Rachael published the book, hoping more children and their parents find themselves belly-laughing together as they read about Marley and his discovery of vegetables.

Rachael is currently working on her second book, Reading Towards Success. The book explores what it means to be a "good" reader and provides tried-and-true practices for parents to use to help their children become successful readers at home.

Areas of Expertise

Rachael is a former reading and English teacher as well as a school librarian. She now spends her time writing and freelancing as a copyeditor for small businesses.

Professional Affiliations

- Taught at Forest Park Middle School, Forest Park, IL
- Taught at Marshall Elementary and Middle Schools, Marshall, WI
- Writes Creating A Foodie, a food blog for those who are never done learning how to cook: www.CreatingAFoodie.com
- Can be found at www.RachaelReiton.com

Books by Reiton Publishing