Anne Randerson

San Diego, CA (USA)

After six years of research on 'human lifestyle and sensitivity towards nature' at Koriyama Women's University, in Fukushima prefecture, Japan, Anne received her PhD degree in human life studies. She created this 80-page photo book for a solo exhibit at the US Embassy in Brussels, where she showed her most precious photos of Japan's natural surroundings, temples and inhabitants, especially in Fukushima and Sendai, where she studied Japanese in order to pass her entrance exams as the only foreigner at her Japanese university. As an academic Japanese government Monbusho research scholarship recipient for six years, Anne thanks the Japanese people for their kindness and generosity during her time in their country. After the disastrous events occurring after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan, Anne hopes that her photo book will help people around the world discover the magnificence of Japan and retain its hidden beauty.

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