Raquel Natalicchio Photography

Los Angeles, CA

Raquel “ROCKY” Natalicchio is an international photographer who is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is passionately attached to her camera and how they view the world! She has a very keen awareness of the world around her having been raised as a traveler, living in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and traveling throughout Europe. Her style, personality, and ability to climb anything in her path have put her work in the forefront of street and urban photography.
After two gallery exhibitions in Los Angeles, multiple magazine publications with ‘Urban Cyclist’, numerous features within the cycling community, Instagram photography society and shooting stills for an up and coming pop star’s two music videos, she is pursuing a project to inspire the people of the world to explore and fall in love with their city as she did with Los Angeles.

“I consider myself not only a photographer but an artist. My technique is simple, I just take pictures of how I see the world"

Areas of Expertise

Photography, creative directing, art

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