Rhett Redelings


I was given my first camera when I was 10. It was a budget-friendly, yet fully manual 35mm SLR with a built-in light meter. I had my first photo credit in a professional publication when I was 12. It gave me an attitude and while I never gave up photography, I felt I'd learned all I needed to know, I seriously wondered if photography was or could be art and so I let it recede into the background of my life as I pursued the many of the other interests most people call growing up.

It is, perhaps a ridiculous point of pride but most, if not all, of the optical characteristics in my photographs are done, not in Photoshop but in-camera. I do not use filters to make my work look like film, I just use film. While I own and use digital cameras and technologies, I feel I get more of what moves me in photography, from film and vintage, arcane and "low-fi" cameras.

I am not interested in capturing reality, I am interested in creating something evocative, using reality as one ingredient.

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