Rick Schwartz

Palmetto, Florida

Rick Schwartz is a prolific photographer of landscapes, beaches, sunsets, urban settings and pretty much whatever else catches his eye.

Rick lives in Florida and as a result is constantly presented with an abundance of subjects to pursue his passion. Rick is particularly drawn to low light settings that occur in the fleeting minutes of dawn and dusk where the mood can be completely transformed from the stark light of day.

“A theme for me in photography and I suppose life is perspective. It informs much of what I do. I look for a perspective that resonates amongst the distractions of an urban setting.

I look for things I need to see and I see them because I'm looking.

Through photography I am becoming aware of the world around me. This ongoing exploration of noticing things is the practice of being present in the moment. It is a daily effort and an artistic journey, and it is one that I share with you in my images and writings.”

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