Lise Carrière

Ottawa, Ontario

Lise was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. She was always quite successful in school – but ironically found understanding poetry difficult.

Lise was intrigued with a short Charles Dixen poem that appeared in a Victoria magazine in the 1990’s that reminded her of a childhood experience when she was about six-years-old, “Can I unmoved See thee lying on a log, Expiring frog?” As children, one summer while camping, some boys cut the legs off of frogs to see if they would grow back. Dixen’s simple poem transported her back to that early childhood experience and was surprised at how this simple poem could stir up memories from the past with such emotion.

Her interest in poetry blossomed after writing her first poem “Snowflakes” January 1st, 2000. Her poems are simple sentiments from the heart that breathe a love of nature, romance, travel and family.

She hopes that these poems will transport you to that secret hiding place in your heart where joy blooms.”

Books by Lise Carrière