Rodrigo DeMedeiros

Seattle, WA, USA

I have been a professional photographer since 1993. Prior to my permanent move to the US, I got my BA in Communications from University of Brasilia in Brazil, with a major in Advertising. I then got a AAA in Commercial Photography at the Art Institute of Seattle in 1996. I have a vast and diverse experience in traditional photography, having worked extensively with large format, medium format and 35 mm cameras as well as studio and location lighting. In 2003 I stopped using film in my assignments and switched permanently to digital format due to the cost increase involving the traditional photography work flow. I always preferred unusual and animated subjects as opposed to artificial ones. Beauty is truly where you find it. have been happily married for almost 15 years and currently am a full-time dad to my two beautiful children - they are my absolute priority. I freelance in photography and acting and have never been as happy as I am now with the life I have.

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