Lenore Plassman

Moses Lake, Washington

Lenore's writing, poetry and short stories derive mostly from her love of nature and the things living in it, as well as the colorful characters she has known as child and adult. Lenore became serious about writing at about age 8 with the encouragement of a special teacher. This led her eventually to study English at the University of Washington.
Lenore's creative imagination works itself out to reality in her over sized yard which she calls her Private World. Here, numerous pocket gardens, a cow stanchion, (last remnant of her family's farm), multple bird baths and feeders companion GreenWomen, a dragon and carousel horses. A respite is found here for friends and visitors from city humdrumness. Several times a year Lenore journies to Western Washington to hike in the Cascades, study and participate in writing workshops. All of the photography shown in these pages are places she has walked and from which she continues to learn.

Books by Lenore Plassman