Ron Ridout

Long Point, Ontario, Canada

Ron Ridout has had a passion for birds most of his life. From his early years spent at the family cottages to his career at Bird Studies Canada, the focus has been on all things feathered.
He is a graduate of Applied Photography from Sheridan College and spent several years in the photographic industry before moving to Norfolk County in southern Ontario to devote his time to his art and the study of birds.
Ron is the founding President of the Ontario Field Ornithologists and has led birding tours throughout North America and the neotropics. As a biological consultant, he has worked on studies from the south coast of Cuba to the Beaufort Sea in Alaska.
For the past 16 years he has been the 'photographer in residence' for Bird Studies Canada, serving also as their IT specialist and graphic designer. His photographs appear frequently in BirdWatch Canada.

Books by Ron Ridout