Rosemarie Hampp

New Jersey, USA

I am a self-taught artist, photographer, and designer. My vision for my work is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary whether it be through the re-purposing of items or combining concepts to create something unique. I love the layering of ideas because I think each layer contributes to the strength of the message.

I am a collector of quotes, words, and images that inspire me or make me think. As an avid photographer I utilize my photos, sometimes pairing them with words, to create art pieces.

Being self-taught, I have learned many lessons the hard way. Since I don't have formal training, I have no rules. This leaves me open to unlimited possibilities. This leaves me open to unlimited possibilities. It has allowed me to develop my own unique style.

I want my art to evoke a feeling or a memory in people - whether it be serious or whimsical. I want it to move you, to make you think.

​Please join me on my creative journey. It's going to be a great ride!

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