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Stephen Serio
Blurbarian Since October 2007
Name Stephen Serio
Location Chicago, Illinois
Gender Male
My Occupation Professional photographer
My Bio Can you think of a more hackneyed saying in popular photography than, “The best camera is the one you have with you?” Well, it’s used so much because it happens to be true.

As a professional photographer, I do have some of the best cameras with me when I am on assignment and I do have them with me a lot of the time. But it’s gets tiring lugging around my 50 pound camera bag full of gear especially when I am out shooting for myself.

So my iPhone will have to do when I don’t have my big bag of gear with me. As someone who takes pictures for a living, at first I did feel a bit like I had “phoned it in” after shooting with my cell.

But, hey, I would gladly carry my Canon 5D SLR with me wherever I went…if I could also make calls and send e-mails from it!

Stephen Serio 2013

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