Paul Williams

Bexleyheath, Kent, United Kingdom

Writing and photography have been first loves of mine since childhood. My Goddess is Mother Nature, my allegiance to little Earth, and I am never happier than when surrounded by the beauty of devastating mountain ranges, flowing rivers, forests of ancient oaks and Douglas firs, and the peaceful splendor of the wilderness where the air is fresh and the sky lights up each night to a myriad of excitable stars as they shine down at me and light my imagination.

I feel passionately, I grieve for injustice, I lament the loss of mankind's manners and care for the world he devours and destroys, the animal species he displaces and pushes to extinction. I think, I dream, I live life to the full and treat every day as though it were my last, with happy heart and contented soul. Beauty moves me, caresses me in her hands and cushions me as I bathe in her majesty. All that I am is in my work.

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