SP Serves LLC


SP Serves LLC was launched on May 20, 2015, but was founded in December 2013. Writing is a passion of the mind. Writing is an outlet we could use to deal with day to day living and to continue to move forward with life. Write to inspire and motivate others that anyone can grow and achieve their divine visions and dreams. The vision is to dramatically change the world in some shape or form by adding value to people one person at a time.

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Areas of Expertise

-Writing: poetry, R&B and Gospel songs, books & inspirational quotes
-Helping others to write, publish & promote their book(s)
-Inspiring others by mentoring, coaching, public speaking & living my life as I preach.

Professional Affiliations

-Army National Guard
-National Society of Pershing Rifles
-Prince Hall Masonic Lodge
-Certified Member of the John Maxwell Team

Books by SP Serves LLC