Stacie Preston

South Texas

I like to think I am a simple person -Not high maintenance... Don't really need alot of "things" ... Impressed with the small stuff ...

How I got here...
Born in Kansas - Transplanted to Texas at a young age -Was raised in a small Texas Town where I went to school and ended up married to my high school sweet-heart. Still together after almost 12 years of marriage... (sometimes it works)
I got lucky that we both enjoy riding the open roads where, I enjoy my place in the Back Seat (who wouldn't look how comfortable it is!)
During some of our rides I am lucky enough to sometimes capture the beautiful spots with my trusty camera. ENJOY! :)
From the Back Seat is comprised of scenes from Texas Hill Country- Arkansas -Hot Springs area - & North East Kansas --
(Can you tell where is where?)

Books by Stacie Preston