Stephen Nicholas


My attributes are that of an emotional sponge :)
as I seem to get worked up over very little these days,
both a weekness and a strengh for many talented here, yet
for me put down to age!

We all strive to reflect our emotions in our work and will work for me as many; an outlet I need to servive. Sounds dramatic, yet thats what I hold onto.
I´ve always "had" to use a camera through my work as a designer for some 35 years now.
Yet the media is quiet different when on demand.

My first book will hopefully be able to reflect feelings back for many, were they might find the same peace in seeing the solitude I have experianced while out in wild but beautiful places here in west sweden.

Blurb is the creative door-stop I have been waiting for, now I will be able to litterly focus on a means to an end.

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