Sarah Brewington

Florida, USA

I like to lie on my back, alone, and listen to the sound of my breath.
The sound of simple silence.
The sound of my heart beat.

I love looking around...watching the world pass by, yet...making it move myself.
I like to imagine that I am living in a story...
where someone, somewhere knows what's going to happen to me next...
but I have to wait for them to turn the page.

I prefer simplicity.

I like anything old. Anything new.
Anything clean, dirty, clear, opaque, rusted, used, flawed...yet beautiful.

Inside my eyes, you can know anything about me.
I am an open book...
and very easily read.
I am run by my emotions.

I believe that the only difference between
insanity and genius is success.
I believe, as artists,
we are all mentally derranged in some way.

I know I see things differently.
I came to this realization recently.
I never thought this way until now.
I think and dream in black and white.
I see faces as shadows and highlights, colors meshing.

Everything is art

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