Sargam Griffin

Healdsburg, California USA

Tenderness. Light. Intensity.

True art provokes the spirit. The light and dark images in my work evoke our struggles to overcome spiritual darkness, striving toward the joy and freedom of light.

Painting is intimate. To create authentic art, I first empty myself of all internal chatter. Once I am fully present, I can set an intention and allow surprises to emerge.

Intention leads to the story. I let each piece evolve, with unrelenting honesty nurturing its transcendence into art. A successful journey leads to a profound expression as I pour out my truth onto the canvas.

Painting is physical. I experiment with texture, size, perspective, lighting. I layer color on color to create visual depth, and connect with elements—water, earth, air, and fire—to create movement and drama.

It is a privilege to share my work with the world.

Books by Sargam Griffin