Severine Wider

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Let's make it clear from the beginning: Yes, I have an accent; it’s a French accent. I was born in Geneva Switzerland. After working as a nurse for a few years, I decided to follow my passion and embrace a new career in Art. I left behind my beautiful country and moved to the United States seeking a degree in Photography.
My goal with my photographs is to elicit an emotional response from the viewer. It can be a memory, a feeling of delight, joy, or it can be disgust or incomprehension. I try to provoke an reaction from the viewer. I am shooting all the time and a wide range of topics. For now, I don't want to be specialized in any type of photography, I feel it's too early in my career; I want to stay open to all opportunities. I learn something new every day; I enjoy it. I am a workaholic who loves the work well done.

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