Shane Grajczyk

Denver, CO

My professional career, which has spanned the better part of 10yrs, has been in Design/Multimedia development. My passion however, has always been illustrating in one form or another. If it be inking out a tattoo design, airbrushing a portrait of a loved one onto a T-shirt or just drawing what ever comes to mind onto the closest thing resembling a piece of paper.

Back in the day I used everything from ballpoint pens, colored pencils, charcoals, markers and acrylics to get the job done. And aside from the plain old pencil/sketch pad, my favorite tool to use was an airbrush.

Now, I am a self-taught digital artist who tends to sway back and forth between the loose strokes of digital painting and the clean lines of vector illustrations. Together they can make some pretty powerful images.

Books by Shane Grajczyk