Siebe Swart

Amsterdam, Netehrlands

Documentary photographer specialising in panorama and aerial photography for design, town and country planning. Lives and works both in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and France [Creuse (23)].
Swart published several books, his most recent book is Het Lage Land l The Low Land, publish at he same time as the exhibition at Huis Marseille in Amsterdam. This book is about the Dutch and their struggle against the water in the past and the present.
In 2007 Panorama Nederland was published, a monumental book describing the transformation of the Dutch landscape as a result of major infrastuctural projects over a period of 10 years (1997-2007), see Panorama Nederland.
Swart currently works on Man-made Land, how the Netherlands came into existence, how the country was designed.

Books by Siebe Swart