Pinboard Writers Group

Mold, Flintshire, North Wales, UK

Nearly four years ago, a handful of people tentively got together in a community centre, nervous, apologetic about their efforts but determined to have a go at getting something down in black and white. Under the leadership of tutor, Dee Rivaz,, they threw themselves wholeheartedly into the business of seeing just how far they could go in the world of creative writing
People slowly crept out of their comfort zones and began to scribble down whatever that came to their pens. Over the years this has grown from tentative scraps to a more and more, impressive list.
Poems, articles, accounts of places visited, their own and other people’s adventures, children’s stories, love stories, thrillers and chillers, ghost and crime stories, monologues, dialogues, one act plays, and now several members have either finished or are approaching completion of their first novels.
Connections is the first collection of work to be published through Blurb.

Books by Pinboard Writers Group