Robert Mc Donial

Ozark, MO, USA

I'm an Industrial & Graphic Designer by trade who loves to work out and draw. I've been designing fitness equipment for the past 10 years and decided to use my skills to give back and help fight the growing epidemic that is childhood obesity.

The SPORT SHORTZ® Moving Blockz™ Move, Run, Jump! Book is my first in the series of hopefully many more to come. My next book will be about stretching & yoga poses. Even though the books are centered on kids, you adults can use them too! I actually do all of the exercises in my books once a day.

I also design games & toys based on my SPORT SHORTZ® Kidz that help build self-esteem and promote diversity through their use.

Hopefully, I will be presenting them through the new and improved SPORT SHORTZ® website coming soon!!

Thanks for reading about the SPORT SHORTZ® Kidz and me. We hope you enjoy the book(s).

Books by Robert Mc Donial