Joseph W. Carey

Brooklyn NYC

Born in 1972 I came to photography late. I had always taken pictures but didn't become a photographer until 2001 when I was hurt at the World Trade Center. Becoming more focused and more interested in capturing the essence of human beings in various states I began my portfolio. Starting with more traditional portraits I began to hone what would become the Stark-Arts style.
During the spring of 2006 I literally learned the ropes from Brent Scott AKA PD (of Insex,, and Infernal Restraints - check them out). I then decided it was time to mix my personal passions with my art and began to try to artfully explore the world of bdsm/fetish. Striving to find a happy mixture between the outrageous and the sublime while and always trying to treat his subjects as people rather than some fantasy I like to think that I managed to create portraits of strength in submission and tenderness in dominance. The resulting images are collected both in my book and on my site.
thanks as always

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