Madison Lomax


Ahh~ it feels great to write!
Let's see here, what's first? I draw all the pictures in my books, and I use HB lead, then go over that in a Soft Carbon pencil. But this isn't art class. I like anime, manga, music (preferably rock , alternative, and J-pop), reading, writing, food of all kinds, drawing, the outside, Thursday and Satuday night TV, and video games.
I don't like fresh mangos, dried bananas, rap music, hair dryers (for some reason) and mean people. Also, a recent camping trip made me hate ticks, like, a LOT! They're so nasty and disgusting!
I often spend my days in school, then going home, eating a snack, playing video games, then doing homework, and sleeping. You know, nothing special.
I have been studying birdwatching a ton, so now I've gotten really good at it. Now I'm going to study plant recognition.
Off topic, but should I be a nurse or something for my career? I think it would be fun. . .

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