Stephen Tates


Dr. Stephen Tates is the Director and CFO of Carter-Tates Wellness Center of Atlanta, GA. Dr. Tates has more than 30 years experience as an Herbalist, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Consultant. His knowledge and experience has earned him the prestigious status of Diplomat of Integrated Medicine. His blended approaches of Natural Healthcare in conjunction with Traditional Western Medical care has earned him respect worldwide.

Dr. Tates is the creator of the All Natural herbal product line: Dr. Tates Herbal Tinctures & Tonics. Dr. Tates herbal tonics are available worldwide and are found in many Health Food Stores, Wellness Centers, Fitness Centers, Doctors Office and homes across America.

Dr. Tates is also host of the award winning Television Series: Dr. Tates: Adventures In Good Health, a Holistic Healthcare Television Series.

Books by Stephen Tates