Stoney Stonebraker

Boulder, Colorado, USA

I love to write poems for children and adults. My poems tend to be long and rather epic and relate to all animals on earth, including people. I am also writing a book to help people become more real, called "Being You." To be published soon. I've written a book of poems and puns with my brother Miles J Stonebraker called "Spell Check, So What?" this is for sale on I have another book of non fiction BENJY which is a first person story of a man I met by chance on a bus in California. Benjy tells about story about James Beauchamp's adventures growing up in CA in the 1960s. How he ended up in a foster home, escaped, and hitch hiked to see his mother after a long separation. Read about Benjy near death experience, his work on an oil rig, acting, and meeting OJ Simpson and the Rolling Stones. This book is also for sale on

Books by Stoney Stonebraker