Sue McGlothlin Photography

Louisburg, North Carolina

Growing up in Ketchikan, Alaska, I was inspired by the extraordinary sights of the Pacific Northwest from an early age. Essentially self-taught, I became interested in photography while living in California; however, raising three daughters while working outside the home didn’t allow much time to pursue my interest. In 2010, my architect husband and I bought a historic house and farm in Louisburg, North Carolina. I became inspired by the beauty and history that surrounds me in our new home. The technology of digital photography opened up a new world to me and I began taking pictures of the wildlife and historic buildings near our home. I enjoy finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and creating one of-a-kind images.

Areas of Expertise

My award winning mage "Behind The Curtains" is on page 13 of SlowExposures 2012, Ten Year Anniversary at this link

Professional Affiliations

As of August 1, 2013, I will be showing my work at The Cotton Company, Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Books by Sue McGlothlin Photography