Tom Sheckels

Moorestown, NJ

Tom was born in Bozeman, Montana, moved to Amherst, Massachusetts as a child and is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island. A professional engineer, Tom has lived in New Jersey since 1976 when he began his career as an Environmental Engineer for the Navy. Tom has traveled extensively for work and pleasure, and has found inspiration for his photography in many diverse and unique places, urban and remote, near and far. Using digital photography, Tom produces beautiful landscape panoramic photographic images. Stitching a series of adjoining photos together, he makes images that provide a huge amount of detail, resolution, color and show great composition. Tom's large prints have been shown in numerous galleries around the country and his Antarctica print titled "Ship on Ice" recently won a world-wide photo competion for the International Association of Panoramic Photographers.

Books by Tom Sheckels