Ted Hayes

Venice, California, 90291

Ted Hayes is America's foremost, Homeless activist.

Ted claims that fate (GOD) is placing him in a special role to address among other issues, illegal “immigration”, Civil Rights, and the Healing of America's inherited slave-race wound.

Ted has initiated the Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM Act 2012 (a bill), which is the Enforcement of the 14th Amendment as originally intended for Black US citizen, (Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen, Freemen, Refugees).

Ted works with Re-Patriot Radio AM - internet radio where he host, with Terrance Lang of Los Angeles, “America’s Black Shield”.

An avid Cricketer, Ted, and his two sons are co-founder of the first American Born Cricket team since 1926, the world-renown Compton Homies & the POPz.

Ted STANDS up for the Jewish state of Israel and strives to help liberate oppressed Muslims in the Middle East, and the world as well bring generational Healing to all peoples.

Dedicated to his work to GOD, his country, beloved family, friends, and supporters.

Books by Ted Hayes