The Weber Brothers

Baltimore Maryland

Ryan and Sam Weber have been playing music together since Sam received a guitar for Christmas when he was eight years old. Ryan, two and half years older than Sam, picked up the bass and soon the brothers were playing shows all over their native Westminster, Maryland in bands such as Illegal Aliens and the Northern Lights. After finishing high school and traveling to cities such as Nashville, Memphis, and Amsterdam, the Brothers decided to send a demo tape to Ronnie Hawkins, whom they have idolized since they saw his performance in The Band’s (Martin Scorsese's award-winning 1976 concert documentary of The Band's farewell performance) ‘‘The Last Waltz’’. Hawkins was so impressed with the Weber Brothers’ talents that he invited them to his house north of Peterborough to attend his 90 day ‘‘Rock and Roll Boot Camp’’. After three months of living and rehearsing on Hawkins’ farm, the brothers became members of Ronnie’s world famous band ‘‘The Hawks’’.

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